Monday, April 25, 2011


And yes…. We are conversingJ. The language is ours to command and it involves a great deal of facial expressions and hand gestures. It has no tense, verb or adjective. Most of the times, it’s hardly a sentence. But still we have fun conversing. Don’t know when it began. Must be the first time she cried on her first day to imply that she was hungry. The loud sirens were her first words and slowly with amma, appa, thatha, tata, ball, a.c (kids these days :P), tata, bye, pali(that’s milk :P), grapes(the r and p will go missing but we can understand it is grapes J)etc there has been a steady increase in the vocabulary. I believe every kid is an artist with so many artistic approaches to make us understand what they want. And the smile she gives when she knows she has driven a point and made us understand is so satisfactory and priceless. J Its like it says, ‘Ho at last you got it…. How hard it is to be a kid’ J

I just wish these conversations never end. Wish we have many more conversations, meaningful or not as she grows and she always finds a friend in us to share her thoughts. These conversations teach me that sometimes it’s better to listen than to keep ranting continuously. We can learn more by talking less. And a great conversation needs a great deal of listening too.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Will she or won’t she????

2.30 PM

It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and the morning was no less tiring. After putting the little one to sleep, the process of which is becoming quite a ritual by itself I wished I could shut my eyes for sometime. But no…. there is a big task at hand and if she doesn’t turn up I am clueless as to how I will manage.

2.45 PM

I was pondering whether to call her or not even while cleaning the kitchen shafts. Maybe she is already on the way! Then I decide I will wait till 3 and try giving a call. After all there is so much to do.

3.10 PM

Her motto is ‘better never than late’. If it is after 3 she usually doesn’t turn up. Ho no…. that can’t happen today. Ok let me check with her first. The first call was missed. I brace myself and call her a second time. This time she picked but without the usual hello and who is it? She gave a short and quick announcement….’I’m in the theatre… will be there by 4’. All I could manage was an ‘OK’.

4.00 PM

Checked on the little one and she showed signs of waking up. So cleaned the living room hastily for soon she will wake up to join her toy friends lying in a box in the living room. Then went ahead washed a few utensils, boiled milk and let it to cool. And by 4.20 PM my little dynamite was wide awake and ready to take on the evening which these days extend comfortably like 12 in the night.

5.00 PM

I had given up hopes of her coming today when the bell rang. There she was with a big smile. I couldn’t but return the gesture. And then she came and sat under the fan, and began….’it so hot…. Sss…. Can I have something to drink…. Tea or milk perhaps…. Ho… and something to eat too….. Biscuits will do but if you have any sweets then that would also do…. But a glass of water first please’. And after a cup of complan and a couple of biscuits (sorry, no sweets today) she started ranting about the film, the actors, some finer points that the director should have tended to, the boring songs, the journey to the theatre and back and finished it off again with a ‘its so hot today’. Frankly, I was not concentrating much on what she was talking. All I could think was ‘There is so much to do…. How do I remind her gently about it’? And then she said those golden words that I have been eagerly waiting for….’its getting late…. I’ll get to the job’. I didn’t forget to thank my stars.

5.35 PM.

She washed the rest of the utensils that remained and swept the other rooms in a jiffy. She added….’It’s already late, I’ll wash the clothes tomorrow’. I really didn’t have a choice and reluctantly nodded my head. I was happy that the house was a little better than before and yes, the clothes can wait till tomorrow.

5.50 PM.

She was outside the door and saying, ‘Bye akka…. Will come by 2 PM tomorrow’. Well, tomorrow is another day.

So do you think I’m complaining? No…. not really…. I’m learning t to cope with this everyday routine. I know I still have a long way to go. But it is good to share and find solace.