Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time does fly!

The fastest 12 months of my life has just sped by and Adhya is one. I’m already missing the tiny li’l one wrapped in a blanket and who just oohed and aahed to convey her needs. But its amazing to see what she is up to these days. My little colombus is exploring and learning new things. Though expected it still leaves us in awe most of the times. All the milestones were so awesome. The first smile, the first direct eye contact, shaking hands and legs, turning over, crawling on tummy, crawling on fours, sitting, standing and now walking n trying to run – all the transitions were amazing.
And suddenly now she is one year old. Have been conceptualizing her first birthday in my mind and talking about it since the beginning of my second trimester. Then I didn’t even know if it was going to be a boy or girl. Her first birthday turned out better than what we had expected.

The D Day: Wished her happy birthday at 12 though she was sleeping J and could hardly find any sleep for myself. The excitement was just too much. And in the morning, prepared all her things for the day before she woke up and made some payasam for her or should I say for us on her bday ;). And how did it turn out? Well that’s another story. It would suffice if I say that it did taste like payasam and she liked it. Yay!
She was dressed in a gaghra-choli which was very big for her. With 2 safety pins it was still loose on her. We then went to the temple and she was as usual folding her hands and praying with so much sincerity. But she didn’t like the garland that they made her wear. Came home and she slept off. We hoped to cut a cake at 11.20 am but she woke up only by one and she then cut her first cake. And she liked it too!
Couldn’t get her to sleep in the afternoon. L Was worried that she would become very cranky but later she slept in auto on the way to the hotel and for some more time in the hotel. She woke up and became happy on discovering balloons, her first time with balloons. They were so handful for her. She loved chasing them and was not scared even when they burst. She immediately went for the next one.
Somehow dressed her up though all she wanted to do was play with the balloons :)

She was ok with the cake and even let us give her the first bite. She also didn’t mind posing for the photos or trying to pick the tags from the gifts J but was very choosy about the people she went too. To sum it up, she was not very crankier and seemed to enjoy the day. She had all her favorite things in the hall – people she is familiar with, balloons, chairs and mirrors. And yes she ate a little food in between too. Such simple are a child’s needs. Wish we were all like them and wish I had her enthusiasm and energy. And I wish and pray that she remains the same.
And yes, to Shankar and me – it was our first party that we are throwing J We really enjoyed the planning, shopping, the numerous phone calls, mails etc etc. We are so happy that so many had actually made it and for all those wishes and greetings she received from people who couldn’t make it. Thanks to one and all!
Happy first birthday Adhya J
P. S. A mail from babycenter on Friday had the tag ‘Your toddler this week’ instead of the usual ‘Your baby this week’….. It just left me wondering ‘Why didn’t I notice this baby to toddler change? L

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The messages!!

Adhya just loves my mobile . From the day she has learnt to hold things with her tiny hands, my mobile has been her favorite toy... needless to say, it is in a very pitiable state

She keeps fiddling with it and when we play a song, she can press the middle button to 'pause' n 'play' with so much of joy.
On wednesday she was playing with the mobile as usual and after sometime i realized that it wasn't locked and took it from her and locked it. Later I received a smiley from one of my previous colleague and I was like...'wat happened to him?' . The next day, I received a message from one of friends in b'lore asking why I had sent her a smiley? It then stuck me that nothing was wrong with my colleague (poor guy ) and it must have been one of adhya's shenanigans. After talking to my friend, i got the full picture. Adhya has first sent an empty message and then a smiley.... i guess she tried a few buttons and it worked . Then in the evening an other person called to ask why had i sent a smiley.
Now i've decided to configure my 'sent messages'(shankar says....."at last" ) and try to keep my phone away from her . The latter is a bit difficult... let me see!
Good luck to me.... for the days to come!