Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The world through her eyes

Weirdly, the first letter that Adhya identified was W and it remained ‘bubble you’ for her for a long time. We are slowly into identifying other letters too. The other day, when I showed her A and asked her what it was, she promptly replied ‘Triangle’. Though, by impulse I wanted to correct her, I held myself back. On second thought, A does look like a triangle that has been extrapolated. With time, I know she will differentiate between a triangle and a capital ‘A’. But till then, let me learn something too J I’m sure every parent will have had such moments when they just had to sit back, smile and bask in the bliss of ignorance.

Kids see things so different from us. For them everything is new, adventurous and exciting. They have an inherent urge to explore. Maybe that is why routine activities like eating and sleeping are boring to them and they get rebellious. J

The incident just reminded me that just because people see things differently, it doesn’t mean that the other person is always wrong. People’s views are based on how they have lived their life so far, their inspirations, experiences etc. We have a choice to agree, disagree or disagree and change their point of view. All three are valid but the last one needs a lot of compassion and responsibility.

Two days ago, the little one sat on my lap and gazed intently into my eyes for quite some time. Then she quipped, ‘amma, see Adhya in your eyes’. It just kept me smiling the whole day :) Yes, things that we take for granted are so different in the eyes of a little one!

Share your little Einstien’s discoveries too J Would love to hear them!