Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Routines

A kid opens up a new world that you never explored and never anticipated. To see them go wide eyed over little things in life makes you appreciate those 'little things' even more. Milestones of the kid, like crawling, sitting, walking, talking etc bring in a warm and happy feeling. But equally awesome and tear-starters are these day to day little things. A few that we and Adhya share...

Tunnel Time - Just going through the tunnel will light her up. In those dim yellow lights I can see her stiffling a laughter while holding on tight to her car seat. Maybe this is her carnival ride :) And she keeps enquiring if we are going to pass through an other tunnel. And yeah, she calls every tunnel as 'time tunnel'.

Cakes and Candles - Not sure when this tradition started. Even a soggy, half baked cake needs to be  decorated, celebrated wih a candle and a happy birthday song. I have a new found interest in baking(the resultys may vary) and I guess this ritual of blowing candles has something to do with it. Does she eat the cake? Thats a different story :)

Found the cake recipe from Fab...It turned out very well!

Barney - I never miss the end song of this purple dinosaur show. And wherever I am, she pulls me back into the living room to sing it along with her. Everyday around 11.30 am, I get a hug and a kiss without even prompting :) I owe it to Barney!

The story teller - Adhya cooks up awesome stories. And she makes sure that her audience interacts. Mostly it is in a mix of tamil and english and this is how it goes...
Me: Can you tell me a story about cats?
Adhya: Ok. There was a kitten in a town.
Me: Then..
Adhya: The kitten's mother gave her milk.
Me: Then...
Adhya: You know what the kitten said?
Me: No
Adhya: Meow....
Adhya: Done!

You can replace cats and meow with dogs and bow respectively and you have a story about dogs :P

Things may change as she grows up but for now I'm happy with these rituals. I know the list will keep growing and changing as she grows and we will have more such routines to enjoy. Maybe, shopping together every Friday afternoon ?  ;)

Would love to hear your day to day treasured moments too :)