Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Butterflies at home :)

A little more effort makes an occasion more colorful and memorable! Maybe you knew this already but I learnt it better on my daughter’s second birthday.

Till the last few days to her birthday, I was oscillating whether to have a theme around the birthday or not. The reasons were many, ‘she is too small to understand’, ‘there will be only a few guests’, ‘I don’t know if I can manage it’ and so many. But with 2 days to her birthday, a friendly nudge from Shobana made me go for it. And I’m glad I did it J

We decided on making it a Butterfly party. Butterflies are the recent craze of Adhya’s apart from Zoo Zoo. But butterflies seemed to open endless possibilities when it comes to decoration and proved relatively colorful. With bucket loads of suggestions and ideas from Shobana, the butterflies made their way into Adhya’s party.

Here are some of the pics from her birthday.

Chocolate butterflies on roses.... :P

I know with some more time, shopping and planning, it could have been even better. But nevertheless, I was happy because Adhya seemed excited with the cake, butterflies around the room and the balloons. And how wrong I was in thinking that she was too small to relate to a theme!

So here are some of my tips or should I say lesson’s learnt ;) that will help you with your kid’s birthday party at home:

  • Choose a theme, simple yet something that your kid loves. However small your kid is, he or she will be able to understand it.                                                                                                            
  • Talk to people who have already organized similar birthdays for ideas.
  • Plan ahead of time and look carefully into all aspects. But be prepared for something to go wrong, it just happens.
  • Shop from more than one place.
  • Keep a checklist. Nothing to beat the good old paper and pen J
  • Keep the paper plates, tissues, cups, candles, scissors, cake knife, return gifts, wash cloth and others handy or entrust them with a reliable person.
  • Try to finish all the shopping part before the birthday, so that you can enjoy your kid’s birthday without being tired.
  • Ho, and take a lot of photographs. However shaky they turn out, they are fun.

And this post wouldn’t be complete without thanking Shobana for all her ideas and help. Thank you Shobana J I can imagine how better she would have done it! And to those who didn’t know already, she and Sudha have come up with FunSquared to add color, life and fun to birthdays. Check them out at Colorful, isn't it? 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Already 2 :)

2 years have whizzed by and I'm still surprised that a little one can make you feel on top of the world, clueless, happy, worried, excited, sleepy, tired, enthusiastic, proud, loved, bossy, student and what not! It wouldn't be an exaggeration when I say that she has changed our world entirely and the transition has been just wonderful :)

I just wish I have a huge storage unit built inside me to store every passing day. Yes, technology helps but there is no way the world's best camera or the choicest words would suffice to describe the happy and proud smile she gives me with gleaming eyes when she has done or learnt something new. I guess it is deeply etched inside me like the first simbha look she gave me within minutes she was born. That was one of my most happiest, out of the world moment!

Everyday we think or talk about something or the other for and about her, and being careful at the same time to not tread into her independence or dampen her creativity. Everyday is a new chapter in parenting responsibility. So far it has been great for us and its really hard to accept that Adhya is two now. And there is so much to follow....the schools, vacations, special classes, exams, choosing dresses and accessories, maths, chemistry, annual days, fancy dress competitions, rebels, reasoning, cajoling.... :) Maybe I'm thinking way ahead but with the speed time flies by I bet nothing is too far away. 

We hope and believe we will be able to connect to our little girl and her smile anytime and anywhere :)

Love you Adhya....  Happy second birthday :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teachers and Lessons

Teachers: Most of them get into this job with full understanding and there are a few who do not even realize that they are teachers. I guess every one of us have been a teacher at one stage of our life or the other but we've always been and will always remain students first. There is just so much to learn and everyday, every person and every circumstance is a new lesson.

But let’s just touch upon teachers, with tomorrow being teacher’s day. I've had many amazing teachers. Maybe I've forgotten the algebra and optics lessons that they have taught but not their subconsciously imbibed principles. They have taught me to never blindly reciprocate something if I haven't understood what I am reading; copying, even assignments will never help in the long run; marks really do not matter; if you have your heart in what you do, you will definitely get it; when you help others with their studies, you will help yourselves too and so many other things.

And of course your friends teach you that group studies are helpful only when the examination is 2 to 3 hours away, check the timetable before picking the books and you can learn so much at 12 in the night through a telephone. :)

Parents are our first teachers. You never realize how much they have taught us just with their habits, actions and reactions. Its only when someone tells you, 'you are just like your mother/father' you understand how much their influence has been in your life. And then you learn/unlearn so many things from your siblings and better half. Not to forget the books you read. It is said that once you read a book, your world is never the same as before you started that book. And yes, there are many books that truly fall into that category.

And my recent teacher is my daughter and there are so many things that she has taught me already. She has made me realize that it is the tiny and minutest things that makes us happy, a smile can do wonders and has stressed again that there is something new to learn from everything!

And this post won't be complete without mentioning my latest teacher, my driving instructor. In the initial few days, I thought he was forced into teaching driving to us mere mortals against his better interest. His impatience just made me more nervous. But yes, every teaching method is different and slowly I'm beginning to understand that all his on-the-verge-almost-yelling is just to make me a better and responsible driver. After all, if I don't drive well, I'm sure I'll be getting more harsh lessons from other drivers in the roads. If you are in or have been to Chennai, you will know what I’m saying ;)

So in all, I'm happy to have had so many wonderful teachers. Hope the learning continues :)

Happy teacher’s day everyone J Happy teaching and happy learning!!