Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Butterflies at home :)

A little more effort makes an occasion more colorful and memorable! Maybe you knew this already but I learnt it better on my daughter’s second birthday.

Till the last few days to her birthday, I was oscillating whether to have a theme around the birthday or not. The reasons were many, ‘she is too small to understand’, ‘there will be only a few guests’, ‘I don’t know if I can manage it’ and so many. But with 2 days to her birthday, a friendly nudge from Shobana made me go for it. And I’m glad I did it J

We decided on making it a Butterfly party. Butterflies are the recent craze of Adhya’s apart from Zoo Zoo. But butterflies seemed to open endless possibilities when it comes to decoration and proved relatively colorful. With bucket loads of suggestions and ideas from Shobana, the butterflies made their way into Adhya’s party.

Here are some of the pics from her birthday.

Chocolate butterflies on roses.... :P

I know with some more time, shopping and planning, it could have been even better. But nevertheless, I was happy because Adhya seemed excited with the cake, butterflies around the room and the balloons. And how wrong I was in thinking that she was too small to relate to a theme!

So here are some of my tips or should I say lesson’s learnt ;) that will help you with your kid’s birthday party at home:

  • Choose a theme, simple yet something that your kid loves. However small your kid is, he or she will be able to understand it.                                                                                                            
  • Talk to people who have already organized similar birthdays for ideas.
  • Plan ahead of time and look carefully into all aspects. But be prepared for something to go wrong, it just happens.
  • Shop from more than one place.
  • Keep a checklist. Nothing to beat the good old paper and pen J
  • Keep the paper plates, tissues, cups, candles, scissors, cake knife, return gifts, wash cloth and others handy or entrust them with a reliable person.
  • Try to finish all the shopping part before the birthday, so that you can enjoy your kid’s birthday without being tired.
  • Ho, and take a lot of photographs. However shaky they turn out, they are fun.

And this post wouldn’t be complete without thanking Shobana for all her ideas and help. Thank you Shobana J I can imagine how better she would have done it! And to those who didn’t know already, she and Sudha have come up with FunSquared to add color, life and fun to birthdays. Check them out at Colorful, isn't it? 


  1. Hey ...Ramya..never expected this !!! Loads of tks for mentioning...and I jus gave very random u rightly said, wish we had planned it ahead..and we will do it next time...hopefully if u r in India, Sudha n myself will do Adhya's 3 rd bday :-)))
    And so sweet of u to mention our links here...
    With limited time n resources, Im sure u did make Adhya happy..:-))

  2. Welcome Shobs..... I really wanted to write about your work sometime or the other... :)but yeah, I would love to have one of her bday parties by you and Sudha.... Adhya will love it! :)

  3. Thank you Kalyan for stopping by and leaving your comments :)

  4. What a shame...I never knew u blogged too...Wonderful blogs...simple and straight from the heart...Loved the butterflies...Not sure if u noticed a couple of them on the wall next to Ara s crib...was doubtful then if she would even understand y i put it,,,But Im sure now that must be enjoying it like Adhya too..take care...Keep writing

  5. Thank you akka.... I just wish I was more regular at it :) yes, I saw those lovely butterflies....these days I never miss even a piece of paper with butterfly on it :) and believe me however small they are, they enjoy all these things..Ara must definitely be loving it:)


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