Saturday, September 24, 2011

Already 2 :)

2 years have whizzed by and I'm still surprised that a little one can make you feel on top of the world, clueless, happy, worried, excited, sleepy, tired, enthusiastic, proud, loved, bossy, student and what not! It wouldn't be an exaggeration when I say that she has changed our world entirely and the transition has been just wonderful :)

I just wish I have a huge storage unit built inside me to store every passing day. Yes, technology helps but there is no way the world's best camera or the choicest words would suffice to describe the happy and proud smile she gives me with gleaming eyes when she has done or learnt something new. I guess it is deeply etched inside me like the first simbha look she gave me within minutes she was born. That was one of my most happiest, out of the world moment!

Everyday we think or talk about something or the other for and about her, and being careful at the same time to not tread into her independence or dampen her creativity. Everyday is a new chapter in parenting responsibility. So far it has been great for us and its really hard to accept that Adhya is two now. And there is so much to follow....the schools, vacations, special classes, exams, choosing dresses and accessories, maths, chemistry, annual days, fancy dress competitions, rebels, reasoning, cajoling.... :) Maybe I'm thinking way ahead but with the speed time flies by I bet nothing is too far away. 

We hope and believe we will be able to connect to our little girl and her smile anytime and anywhere :)

Love you Adhya....  Happy second birthday :)


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