Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teachers and Lessons

Teachers: Most of them get into this job with full understanding and there are a few who do not even realize that they are teachers. I guess every one of us have been a teacher at one stage of our life or the other but we've always been and will always remain students first. There is just so much to learn and everyday, every person and every circumstance is a new lesson.

But let’s just touch upon teachers, with tomorrow being teacher’s day. I've had many amazing teachers. Maybe I've forgotten the algebra and optics lessons that they have taught but not their subconsciously imbibed principles. They have taught me to never blindly reciprocate something if I haven't understood what I am reading; copying, even assignments will never help in the long run; marks really do not matter; if you have your heart in what you do, you will definitely get it; when you help others with their studies, you will help yourselves too and so many other things.

And of course your friends teach you that group studies are helpful only when the examination is 2 to 3 hours away, check the timetable before picking the books and you can learn so much at 12 in the night through a telephone. :)

Parents are our first teachers. You never realize how much they have taught us just with their habits, actions and reactions. Its only when someone tells you, 'you are just like your mother/father' you understand how much their influence has been in your life. And then you learn/unlearn so many things from your siblings and better half. Not to forget the books you read. It is said that once you read a book, your world is never the same as before you started that book. And yes, there are many books that truly fall into that category.

And my recent teacher is my daughter and there are so many things that she has taught me already. She has made me realize that it is the tiny and minutest things that makes us happy, a smile can do wonders and has stressed again that there is something new to learn from everything!

And this post won't be complete without mentioning my latest teacher, my driving instructor. In the initial few days, I thought he was forced into teaching driving to us mere mortals against his better interest. His impatience just made me more nervous. But yes, every teaching method is different and slowly I'm beginning to understand that all his on-the-verge-almost-yelling is just to make me a better and responsible driver. After all, if I don't drive well, I'm sure I'll be getting more harsh lessons from other drivers in the roads. If you are in or have been to Chennai, you will know what I’m saying ;)

So in all, I'm happy to have had so many wonderful teachers. Hope the learning continues :)

Happy teacher’s day everyone J Happy teaching and happy learning!!


  1. you have a lovely blog Ramya :) following u now :)


  2. Thank you very much Rekha :)happy to find bloggers from Chennai :)


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