Thursday, October 6, 2011

Letters to Emails to Facebook to ???

I remember the time I was in college and when I was new to job. Everyday, there used to be countless forwarded mails and sms-es. Funny, Quirky, Witty, Thanglish, Hinglish, please forward this to 10 people before 10’o clock …all kinds of mails. Ho, and some were thought provoking too. And not to forget those beautiful pictures of animals, flowers, niagra, sachin’s new home etc. that circulated. I would get the same forwarded mail from 5 different people within 2 days. But these days my inbox is flooded with messages from fb, daily posts from subscribed blogs, baby center mails and kinds. There are a few that I don’t know how to cut off. Oddly, ‘stop receiving mails from us’ doesn’t seem to work on them. There are occasional mails from friends too who start a chain of mails. But that’s about it. Now every activity of ours has shifted gear to facebook and other networking sites. It’s easy, quick and yes, all my friends are there. J

Technology is awesome. It definitely makes life simpler but only if we know how to draw the boundaries. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming and confusing. So what you post and what you share should be done judiciously. After all, Mark Zuckerberg agrees
By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent. J

All said, I miss those forwarded emails and messages from friends in this age of facebook just like how I missed writing and receiving inland letters, postcards and greeting cards after yahoo and gmail came along. J

So do you still get those forwarded emails? Cherish them, however annoying they may be for it won’t be long when they abandon your inbox and jump to your facebook account J


  1. Good post ramya.. i felt the same way.. havent logged into fb for a while.. have more time to spend now... :D
    wish people actually care and mail instead of being self-centric which is fb...

  2. Hey Raj :) thanks for your comment :) like with any technology, fb is only as good as we use it :)


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