Saturday, September 4, 2010

The messages!!

Adhya just loves my mobile . From the day she has learnt to hold things with her tiny hands, my mobile has been her favorite toy... needless to say, it is in a very pitiable state

She keeps fiddling with it and when we play a song, she can press the middle button to 'pause' n 'play' with so much of joy.
On wednesday she was playing with the mobile as usual and after sometime i realized that it wasn't locked and took it from her and locked it. Later I received a smiley from one of my previous colleague and I was like...'wat happened to him?' . The next day, I received a message from one of friends in b'lore asking why I had sent her a smiley? It then stuck me that nothing was wrong with my colleague (poor guy ) and it must have been one of adhya's shenanigans. After talking to my friend, i got the full picture. Adhya has first sent an empty message and then a smiley.... i guess she tried a few buttons and it worked . Then in the evening an other person called to ask why had i sent a smiley.
Now i've decided to configure my 'sent messages'(shankar says....."at last" ) and try to keep my phone away from her . The latter is a bit difficult... let me see!
Good luck to me.... for the days to come!

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