Friday, March 18, 2011

Back to college :))))

This is a delayed post..... just like all my other ones ;)

Last saturday was 'back to college' day for me :) It was fun, exciting and so good to connect with so many people. I joined many others for the 'Spread Your Wings' event by Sudha and Shobs. They made us play with colors and glue, sing (pathetic to listen but fun for the singers :)), do a funny skit(how do they do it in TV or stage performances.... we were continuously laughing... bet that is what would have made it funny :)) and also dance(no comments here.... i automatically smile when i think abt that). So in all it brought back wonderful memories of school and college. And the team works and brainstorming before each event reminded me of work too. Great job Sudha and Shobs.... all d best for all your future ventures :)

Not to mention the people i met.... everyone was lovely. I was meeting some for the first time and still it felt like i knew them for a long time.

Some of the wonderful moments of d day which i'm going to cherish..... in no particular order.

  • Getting to know the kids and moms. Some were so amazing to talk too and connected so well within a short time. Preetha, Amirtha, Sowmi, Neela, Gayathri, Priya..... did i meet them all just then? Lali, Priya, Akhila, Vai, Pene, Amala.... were lovely as usual.
  • Don't know how many of them laughed at our performances but the first laugh was on us. And that is what made it so beautiful. :)
  • The rides, both to and fro. We talked about everything in our travel to and fro. And the return ride was just amazing.... no words to describe. Lets just say we were so happy to be back in one piece.
  • The kids.. nirran, maghizh, rishi, adina, illakiyan, sree, anubhav, abhinav..... were just the few i talked to but i could see that they were also having a good time.
  • Marrybrown.... the staff did a great job and they took care of everything. I especially liked how meticulous and polite the girl in formals was. Great job!
  • Food.... esp. when followed by play becomes delicious :)
  • Pene n Subha.... sorry for gettin u late to the event :( It was lovely to talk to u two. Hope we get to meet soon.
  • Sugi.... my friend for 10 years and though we talk(that includes crib, cry, laugh, complain, sympathize etc) it is after very long that we are getting together for such an event. Hope she had a great time too :)
  • Shobs n Sudha.... with the level of enthusiasm u both have, fun squared will reach heights. thank u for the event :)
  • And a big sorry to rajula for not getting in touch with her before the event :(
That was a lovely day and what followed in fb is a different story :)


  1. So nice of u to have blogged abt the event here Ramya..Tks.Happy to knw u had a grt time ...

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  3. the pleasure was definitely mine shobs .... thx again :)
    sorry 4 replying so late :(


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