Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Make Peace

There are a few things that are not worth(read ‘possible’) fighting for. The sooner one accepts that, the better it will be for that person and everyone around him or her ;). I’ve made my peace with a few things. In fact, I kind of expect them to happen. And when they don’t (rarely), I never forget to celebrate the moment. World peace makes its humble beginnings at home J

  1. No matter how much ever I try, there will be toys all around the house like in the kitchen shelves and below your pillows waiting to poke you.
  2. The other pair of Socks will always go missing.
  3. Your house can be speck and span most of the time but when you have sudden visitors, it will definitely be a mess.
  4. No matter how many days before I plan or how many lists I make, I’ll definitely forget one thing from the groceries. More often, I’ll forget to take the list J
  5. I can’t eat healthy food 24 x 7.
  6. I always hit ‘memory full’ on my camera whenever I decide to have an unplanned photo session (?).
  7. I can never be regular at blogging ;)
  8. Whenever my kid falls sick, I am going to find something or the other to blame myself for.
  9. I will send across my share (ok, big share) of ‘Belated Happy Birthday’(s) even if I try hard not to.
  10. I cannot make everyone happy and that is perfectly fine too J
These were the top 10 that popped into my mind and I’m sure there will be many more to add if I think harder. Do you have your peace list? If yes, do our lists have anything in common? J 


  1. Yes...the one main thing in common is the 10 th point !!!:-)

  2. thank you Shobana :) I realized the 10th point very recently but better late than never :)

  3. Agree with you absolutely! Yes yes yes, each point is common with my list :)
    Loved it.

  4. My top two in that list would be 1) Can't make everyone happy and 2) No matter how hard you try, toys/crayons will pop up from somewhere or the other. I don't know how - I guess they have a life of their own!!

  5. True Fab... I regularly find toys in my pant pockets too :)Thank you for following :)


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