Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Being a kid!

A little bit of routine,
A familiar corner, person or toy.
A small push into the unfamiliar,
A new game, place or song.

To go high up in the swings,
To be brave in the slides,
To try the monkey bars, maybe!

Crayons and markers to color the pages walls.
Papers to tear and squirrels to watch.

Tantrums and dramas have their place
Righ beside hugs, cuddles and sweet babbles
Friends to fight, share and learn new tricks
Mobiles and laptop to punch away!

A little solitary and a little company,
Colroful books filled with butterflies and dora.
A dose of compliments and 'great jobs'
Undesired but a sure shot of reprimands too.

Half eaten apples, half finished cookies
Self made lyrics and complementing music

An over conscious mom, a doting dad!
A little nap
And even more little food.

It does seem to be tough to be a kid these days, no? :)


  1. Thats a lovely poem and a beautiful observation...so many times, we fail to see a lotta things from their perspective and that is where we falter....While we thoroughly agree that childhood is smethg to be cherished, we still throw boulders in front of them ;-)

  2. I agree Shobs... sometimes we forget that they are still kids :) but on the other hand 'being a mom/dad' also doesn't seem easy :D

  3. Loved it...

    you writing amazing Ramya...please write often cos you have one more follower :)

  4. thank you Anu :) i would definitely try to write more... i guess i'm just pure lazy :)

  5. Lovely picture of a modern day childhood! Great expression.


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