Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The drama unfolds this September!

Me : When appa goes to office and you start school, what will amma do?
Adhya: (with a I-have-no-doubts-about-this smile) : You are going to cry!
Well am I? We will have to wait till September to see….

She received her first admission/confirmation letter last week. There were so many questions in there. Does she know this? Does she know that? Frankly, I didn’t have an immediate reply to most of them.  I’ll have to think through and phrase it. Yes, she knows this but it will be a new environment and new people so I’m not sure if she will do it! We just have to wait and see. Hope this counts as an answer :P

She talks about going to school everyday. I hope school doesn’t disappoint her :D I hope she learns to make friends and tries her hand at new and different things. I hope she teaches me new things, becomes more confident and learns to eat her food even if little (I can still hope, no?) I hope she learns to correct her mistakes; patch up little fights and shares her things. I hope she grows a little each day. And I hope she is happy to see me at the end of her day! Maybe she is right... I might end up crying!

I never realized that 3 years can whiz by so fast. If I had to, I would live those 3 years happily again. But I very eager to see what is in store next… so here we go, we are getting ready for school :)


  1. Aww....starting school is a bittersweet milestone for us Moms!! Anyway, it is a super exciting moment too, so be sure to enjoy it!

  2. yes Fab...it seems more like my milestone than hers :)


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