Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Parrot

Some kind of parrots are known to repeat whatever we say. Personally, I have never witnessed one before but the little one at home is quite a copycat of whatever we say or do. So we are on our watch on what we preach or practice:)

A few examples of how our teachings came to back us:

She sprinted away from having her milk at night and climbed on to the bed. I followed her with the glass of milk and there she was with a smirk,  'Amma, we should not bring any eatables to the bed!' Hmm, right, I did say that! Just checked my laughter and brought her back to the hall where last I knew eatables are allowed :)

And once when in the kitchen, she kept calling me to do the puzzles for the nth time, where 'n' is in the neighborhood of 150 or 170 since September. I told her, 'Not now'. And she retorted with a serious face, 'Who is your friend amma?' I knew where this was leading but played along, 'Of course, you are sweets'. And with a winning smile, 'Then won't you play with me'. And I ended up fixing the puzzles for the nth time because we have to play with friends!

When she says, 'I am not hungry!'. I tell her, 'Your tummy told me that it is very hungry'. That seemed to work at times. She thought she was doing a huge favor to her tummy. But now everything is around the tummy, 'Amma, tummy feels sleepy', 'Amma, tummy wants to play'....

The list goes on with 'no screaming', 'take turns', 'don't bring anything into the bathroom' and so on. It feels good to know that some of the things that we have been trying(you can imagine how hard) to say have reached her. And I am kind of hopeful that 'drink your milk', 'clean your toys' etc will also have an impact someday, well maybe :) 


  1. 'Tummy wants to play'...that is hilarious!! Very sweet post :-)

    1. thank you Fab :)sometimes it is hard not to laugh when she is trying to say it seriously :)

  2. parroting phase is the best :)...especially when you get back stuff you didnt expect to....lol on "Tummy feels sleepy"...
    Adhya is so cute and really smart too :)..Whos is your friend amma :)..glad she already considers you her friend.

    1. thank you Anu :) Hope we can always be friends :)


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