Wednesday, October 2, 2013

She is four!!!!

Our little one turned 4 last week :) 4 blissful years have passed by since one of our beautiful dreams have come true... and it still feels like a dream!

There have been so many changes in the past year.

She loves surprises, every day. And anything - big or small can surprise her. Right after school, she asks me, "Do you have a surprise for me??". And it can very well be a pack of juice, a lollipop(or jolly pop as she says) or a brand new teddy bear. Sparkly eyes , deep sigh and a dramatic jaw drop will always welcome the surprise. And we love that face of hers!

I wish and pray that she carries this trait with her, always. To look forward to something in day to day things in life, will make it even more beautiful.

We can also see inhibitions slowly creep in. She is cautious, reasoning and making choices. And to moms and dads who get frustrated and ask, do timeouts really work?, I would just say, "Hang in there :) It gets better! " ;)

I hope she had a fun 4th birthday - something that she will remember. Happy 4th birthday to the girl who loves monkeys, cats, cupcakes, purple, balloons and more!



  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Adhya!! My little boy turned 5 last week too!! Time does fly by, doesn't it?

    1. It is fying really fast Fab :) thank you for your wishes.... :)
      Belated birthday wishes to Cub :)

  2. Ofcourse she had a fun birthday party Ramya, I am witness to it :). The tomboy didnt rest for even a second.

    Sparkly eyes indeed, love the way she smiles when she gets something.

    Please take a picture of her expression when you surprise her the next time.

    God bless the kiddo and may her life be filled with pleasant surprises always.


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