Thursday, February 25, 2010

My first blog :)

have always loved to write... in one form or the other :)

In school...

Letter writing, essays, comprehensions... i just loved them all! Needless to say, languages were my favorite subjects ;-)

In college...

Assignments were dreadful... but the pure white A4 paper, the gliding smooth jetter pens, the neat plastic folders... all encouraged me and helped me through the task of finishing the assignments... though always not on time :)

At work...

I didn't mind document work to an extent... but like everyone i used to say... "this is unnecessary work...we should be coding!!" :)

In general...

I like writing addresses on the invitation cards, writing out long mails to friends as to how i forgot to wish them on their birthdays :), filling out forms, maintaining a memoir for my daughter and hoping that she reads it someday :)

I've tried maintaining a dairy... but lost the interest in between. Hope the same doesn't happen with this blog!

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