Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From my diary! - An ode to the city bus!

4th April, 2005, /chennai

It was a beautiful day today. It rained so heavily today. While I was in the bus (window seat) it was drizzling outside. It felt great! Any day, our city buses are a wonder by themselves. They behave like humans. It looks as though they too have emotions. Water takes the shape of the container in which it is poured but our buses reflect the moods of the people that it carries. It is hot and grumbling when the weather is so. It is tensed as the people in it during the peak hours (many breakdowns occur only when going to the college, hardly while coming back!). It is almost in a nap during afternoons just like the people in it. During the rainy season it gets so excited that it shares it with its commuters by splattering water on them(well, atleast most buses :)). It must be certainly painful when the budding musicians from various city colleges use its steel body as their drums. But finally it looks as if the bus has also joined the symphony when it moves with their rhythm. By night, it is tired like the souls inside it. Still, it moves fast enough, the wind gushing in, preparing us for a deep slumber.

It was really very nice today. Thanks to 47G, 13 and 23M for the day!

This was written while i was in college. Given a chance i would rewrite many things differently today. But i'm just leaving it as it was :) for the sake of old times!


  1. Ha ha ha...a very different perspective...suddenly I realised how true it is !! Been years since I boarded one...shd venture in to it sometime with Shreya !!


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