Monday, March 29, 2010

All of 6 months :)

All of 6 months!

Our little angel is already six months old. Time does fly fast. Though it sounds cliché, it just seems like yesterday that she was born. When they first showed her to me, I was like, “hey li’l pussycat… where you the one inside me?”. It was so very exciting. And now, I am a mother, 6 months old :)

People keep saying that she will smile at these many months, she will recognize faces very soon, and she will turn over at this stage and so on. So I’m very much prepared and know what to expect but it is surprising nevertheless when she achieves her little milestones. I soon realized that no camera can fully capture all these wonderful moments of her growing up. It is just for us to remember, cherish and to remind others of what to expect from their babies... ;) But still there is no stopping me. I just keep taking photos and only pause when Adhya gives a look that says, “enough amma!!”.

There is so much that I've learnt these 6 months.Many adventures, many experiences.

Like for instance, Shopping for a kid …. One should have oodles of patience otherwise it can be confusing. You have to hunt for the soft, cottony diapers; non-allergic tissues; soaps with the recommended ph value(remember, chemistry?); non-toxic toys that doesn’t scare her or have any sharp edges; feeding bottles designed to handle colic; dresses that don’t have anything sticking out and are soft and easy on the baby… the list is just endless. The amount of creativity that goes into designing their tiny dresses makes leaves you speechless. There are things that I’ve never heard about before and which makes the elders go…”things have changed so much… in our days….. “.

Going out with a kid… Even if it is a 2 hour trip to a restaurant, sit and plan like you do for a weekend picnic. Pack their own bag(its every baby’s birthright… maybe, you can stash your mobile and wallet in there) the day before and remember that you’ll definitely forget one thing or the other which as a parent of an infant/toddler is your birthright :) . And once there, keep the baby excited all the time or if you are successful, put the baby to sleep.

Playing with a kid… everything amuses a kid but only for a short time. Keep a plethora of toys around her that can be anything from the high end ones of fisher price to the spoons and cups from your kitchen :). As for Adhya, she is more interested in mobiles and newspapers than all her colorful toys.

Feeding a kid… time to unleash your creativity, to think out of the box and follow all other corporate slogans that desperately try to make you perform well. If with all your effort, you did feed them half the cup, pat yourselves on your back. Good job!

I’m still learning many other things. But how have the 6 months been for Adhya.For one thing, she has realized that she has to put with us ;) but she has other achievements to her credit too…

* Happy to tear the newspaper, leaves from the plant and if you are careless enough, hair from your head.
* She can roll over to the edge of the cot and give a victorious smile.
* Can put both her hands into her tiny mouth and try to eat it. Looks like self-cannibalism.
* Can look at her reflection in the mirror and go ga-ga about her look alike.
* Anything good enough to be held in her hands, can and will go into her mouth.
* She can recognize her name.
* Bears our singings with a “I pity you” smile.
* She can wake us up the mornings like an alarm clock.
* Smiles at the shopkeepers, nurses and waiters and make them say…”so sweet”.
* Wants to be with the person who is all decked up and ready to go out.
* And the biggest one is…she can give a smile that melts us right away. :)

And she has a mind of her own and makes her own decisions.. she has her set of likes and dislikes…

Likes – amma’s mobile
Dislikes – amma on the mobile

Likes – to play with the spoon
Dislikes – anything that is fed with the spoon for more than 5 minutes

Likes – traveling by bike, auto or car
Dislikes – staying for a long time(more than half an hour??) in the new place where the bike, auto or car takes her

Likes – anything sweet
Dislikes – water

There is only one beautiful kid in the world, and every mom has it. I read this recently... so true!

I know every 6 month old does all the above said and maybe even more and every parent feels the same way about their kid. Then why write such a big blog? I can’t think of any other reason except that I wanted to record the moments like every other parent. Just wanted to write it all out before I forget the tiny details and before she wakes up :). If I’m lucky she may give me a sleepy smile when she wakes up :) Waiting for many such wonderful moments with Adhya!


  1. Such a wonderful blog about Adhya. Makes me want to meet her :)

  2. Lovely...Ramya..jus enjoyed reading very well written...u shd write more...
    Loved all of Adhya's spl moments !!

  3. thank u raj... will meet during ur next vacation.
    thank u shobs... hope to record as much as possible... lets see...:)


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