Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surprised! And again surprised!

Adhya is my bundle of surprises... I'm sure every kid is so! She never fails to leave me with a question, 'is this possible?'

First surprise... Last thursday....

She has rolled of the cot a few times :( and so we are extra careful when we leave her to sleep alone. As far as possible I don't do anything when she sleeps and j
ust sit besides her with a book or laptop. Ok... so now you know how constructive I am ;)

But on thursday morning I
had work in kitchen. I had checked her sleeping just a few minutes before and then I could hear some voices. It was Adhya's but I was sure I couldn't hear it so clearly from the bedroom. I turned to check and there she was ... walking towards me with her favorite toy! She had got down from the bed on her own! Believe me every time I catch her at the edge of the cot I wished that she learnt soon to get down on her own. But then when it happened, I was so shocked to even respond properly. The moment is so clearly etched in my mind. I can still replay it.

And no... after that day she never attempted to get down on her own. Maybe my reaction shocked her too ;)

Second surprise....

Went to mylapore and colorful it was! The streets were all full of toys for navarathiri... clay, wodden, plastic... u name it and they have it in every color and size. Wanted to get some toy for Adhya before hitting saravanabhavan (that was the actual destination :)) ). And we stopped near a toy shop and she started pointing to a pink(???) ducky and getting very excited about it. It was a small toy and not something she would play with... at least thats what I thought. So bargained and got her a mickey mouse which was bigger and better(well... to me :( )than that horrendous pink ducky(again... pink duck?). But I soon realized how wrong I was. She gave the
mickey mouse a disapproving look and never bothered to touch it. All our attempts to make her like the mickey were in vain. Little did I know that she was ready to choose for herself. I was amazed that she is making decisions about her toys. I now feel sad about not getting her the pink duck but the plight of the mickey is sadder. Hope she takes a little liking towards him soon :)


  1. Kids grow faster these days...and make decisions on their own...and Adhya is in the right track !!

    Its nice to register every milestone...Im sure it will be a good walk down the memory lane after a few yrs..both for u n her :-)


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