Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue Colored People and Red Colored Eyes!

So on 21st, Sunday, we took Adhya to the theatre for the very first time to watch 'Avatar'. For quite some time this film has been played in theaters as a special edition. I've been wanting to watch this 3D film. I was so exicted about the 3D galsses :P

Since Shankar had already watched the film, he had offered to take Adhya out if she started to get uncomfortable. But the sweet li'l one was first very surprised, then excited, a li'l grumpy and then slept off. She woke up only when the credits rolled. So altogether, it was a good first time experience :) :) :)

As for the film... it was excellent and left me in awe about how a person can think so much. What must be running in his head? Hats off to Cameron. Wish I had 5% of his creativity. And yes, the rest of the technicians and the cast have all done a great job. A very neat film and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3D effect.

My favorite was ofcourse Neytiri. She reminded me so much of Adhya's actvities. Running around, climbing everywhere with complete ease and speaking a language that we could hardly follow :) They even resemble in the ever brimming energy levels that they posses. :)

Waiting to see her performances in the sequel.....

And yes, there is a downside to the whole experience. The 3D glasses were very irritating :(. And in the evening, I had a mild tingling sensation in the eye and before I knew it developed into 'Madras Eye'. Whoever coined that term.... hmmmm!

Though I don't think it was mainly due to the glasses, next time I'll make sure that I wipe them with Adhya's wipes before I use them :P. See.... nothing has deterred me from watching the next 3D film. HP7 is next :)))

On a funnier note... check out the blue eyes :)

funny pictures of dogs with captions


  1. So Adhya din bother her mom much..such a sweet kid...
    And for the movie- I watched with the same awe n reverence ...Jus loved every bit of the movie...wat was so colorful...
    The best part was Shreya watched most of the movie without the 3 D glasses...and in the end ,she gave a name to the hero n the heroine - Dragon mama,Dragon mami !!!

  2. yes shobs... she was a very good girl :)
    awesome movie no? but i liked shreya's interpretation of dragon mama n mami :)))


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