Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An evening at Semmozhi poonga :)

So now Chennai can boast of a good tourist spot right at the middle of the city..... beaches are always an exception :) They are to me Chennai's most important landmarks :) I can just keep talking about the beaches but coming to the newest attraction..... it is situated in the same place which housed Woodlands Drive inn for a long time. Its spacious and the park is really beautiful.

On the evening of the 1st of Jan.... we decided to visit this place. The brilliant me, decided that beaches and other restaurants will be crowded owing to new year and opted for this beautiful place. Well as you can guess it was way to crowded and the sun had also set so we couldn't see all those wonderful plants properly. but still managed to have a good time and am sure Adhya enjoyed it. Planning to visit the place during day time. Maybe I can write more about it then. And as for now, here are a few pics that we took.......

Aren't they all very artistic and beautiful ??? I liked the last pic very much.... found it very innovative.

So altogether had a great start to the new year..... and enjoyed the day :) Hope we get to experience many such wonderful moments this year......

wishing everyone a very happy new year..... :)


  1. Thts really nice Ramya..Have been wantg to peep in to it smetime...now have got a glimpse of it..It definitely arouses interest..Shd spend a good enough time to actually enjoy the beauty...
    Why dont we all meet there sme day:-)

  2. sure shobs :) it would be reallllllyyyy good :) we should plan it around day time so that the kids can njoy..... ok... lets plan :)))))


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