Saturday, June 4, 2011


I'm begining to understand that when a kid is born there will always be questions. Here I'm not talking about the ones that the kids pose you and you are left wondering if you really did attend school, college? My days of answering suh questions-insightful/imaginary/meaningful/profound or whatever are not very far. But let me not digress further and come to the 'actual' questions that I'm talking about - the ones that we as parents ask ourselves and most of which don't have an answer in binary. Well for example it can be simple like 'Should we choose red or blue colored socks?' to complicated, answerless questions like 'Are we bringing up our kid well in the best way possible?'.

Life is all about questions. We take decisions after running through a lot of 'what, why, if, when, but etcs. that rush through our mind. And at times we also take help from others. Some advisors have the knack of installing more questions in our system. All said, in the end we are solely responsible for the answers we give to our questions.

As parents, we cannot answer the questions that concern our kids immediately. Well whatever reason we can think of for this delicate situation, the bottomline is you don't want your son or daughter to question the decisions taht you took for them. We for example, are dreading how our daughter will react when she will be called first(or almost first) for everything in school according to alphabetical order.

What can parents do to find the best answers to the questions surrounding their kids....I'm sure everyone has a way arround..... My solution whenever i'm left in doubt is....
  • keep their best interest in mind...... check options but choose the best thing possible taking your intuition also into account.
  • Leave the rest to God :)

So how do you answer these questions?

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