Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MGM Dizzie World, Chennai

The rides looked rusty and risky but then it was complete fun in and out. MGM Dizzie World, one of Chennai's old theme park still holds its place in entertaining the people of Chennai.

Well, dedicate a day and be prepared to gulp water every few seconds to combat the heat and you will be guaranteed a wonderful experience. And what more to add to the fun than to enjoy it with kids and friends :)

The Good:

A complete day with family and friends :)

Roller Coaster - Awesome. It thrills you to bits. Its scary but close your eyes and join the screaming so you can come out and say, 'It wasn't that scary at all' :)

The mango trees - How often do you look 'down' at a bunch of mangoes!

The wave pool - That was definitely a new experience and exciting too. :)

The unpredictable kids - In those rides in which we expected them be scared they were all smiles and vice versa.... Kids are a mom's delight, always :)

The Not so good:

Food - it was ok and no one was complaining :)

Travel combined with traffic combined with humidity :(

The carnival games were very tricky (read 'we didn't win much
') :)

So yeah.... definitely visit the place with as many people you can gather but take care of your kids and your belongings(well, we lost a big Miranda bottle :( )

And don't forget to capture a lot of memories :)


  1. Nice...so when did u go...and with Adhya,how did u manage..post more pics

  2. thank you Shobs....last last sunday :)
    There were friends with us so they were taking care of her when we went on those rides... does Shreya like it?
    pics... there are no pics of the rides.... :( we forgot all about it in our excitement....


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