Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something more than just coincidence?

Our kitchen window sill is a must-stop-food-joint for crows, pigeons and squirrels. Somehow they know that Adhya must be leaving them plenty of ghee laden dishes to relish J And yeah, we talk to them too J The crows are the bolder ones, followed by the pigeons and the squirrels just sprint when they catch sight of us.

There used to be a crow with a small beard that made him easy to spot. He had no inhibitions and used to bravely accept food directly from our hands. He was my mother’s pet and is very choosy about food. He just loves chapathi, dosa and curd rice. But he has been an absentee for quite a few months now.

The other day when the usual ritual of feeding crows was happening I was asking(?) the other crow about the other bearded one. And there he was with his usual caw-caw within an hour! Coincidence? Silly me? Or do crows really understand what we are saying? Whatever it was it just left me too happy for words and I rushed to treat him. And yes he has been regular after that J I’m still surprised about the incident and I’ve been telling everybody about this for the past few days….. J Guess, I’ll never forget about this.

Have you personally ever felt that animals understand us?


  1. Hahaha....yeah I think lizards understand that I hate them and I am really scared to see them...lovely post

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  2. Yeah. I've felt it several times. With crows, kingfishers, dogs, lizards, frogs, so many animals.
    Nice to see a fellow blogger from Chennai.
    Liked your blog a lot.
    Do drop by my blogs sometime.and wish you follow them too... :)
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  3. Lipsy and Bhushavali...glad to see that i'm not really weird...thank you :)
    @Bhushavali....have been to your amazing blog and we have communicated know me through Craftsia :)


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