Thursday, January 22, 2015

What will you be when you grow up?

Human brain is amazing. And a kid's brain, especially is so pure, innocent and brilliant. The thoughts that evolve and the questions and conclusions that they arrive at are a treat to watch from close quarters. You will think and say out aloud many times, "How did she think about this?" I can see a little bit of the infant/toddler that she was and get a glimpse of the little person that she is turning into.

To see her start to read and understand words and numbers is an experience. The frustration, uncertainty and restlessness before she gets it right is so real. The glint in her eyes when she tries and then understands something is valuable. 

Remember the first time of everything - your first stage performance, first achievement, first real friend - you can enjoy it all again through your kid. And at some point, it will inspire you to try and create many more 'firsts' for yourselves.

And have you been interviewed by a kid yet? It is an eye opening experience. The things that you will find out about yourselves! These interviews happens so suddenly that you can never be well prepared and it can happens many times a day :) Grocery stores, queues and other public places where a minimum of 10 people can hear you are some of venues where these interviews could happen. 

After careful censorship, here's one of ours:

I am going to be an animal doctor when I grow up and all the squirrels will come to me if they are sick. What will you be when you grow up? 

Hmm.. I'm already grown up.

No you are not. *Silly Laugh - How many things do I have to teach you? *. You are still to become 40, 50, 60 and more. What will you be when you are 40?

I'm not sure. *insert all weird emoticons that you can think of*  I'll think about it and tell you.


I know she will not forget and I know she will ask me again. So yeah, I am thinking about it. A lot.

But isn't it a good thing to know that I can still grow up? And not just be "A grown up"!

So what will you be when you grow up? 

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